Hannah Montana Draws Blood For A Good Cause

It is not a stretch to say that many parents would give their respective right arms for Hannah Montana concert tickets for their children—to say nothing of extending their arms and donating a little blood.

In a stroke of multi-platform promotional genius, the American Red Cross has teamed nationally with Club Libby Lu and locally with WDIV-TV Channel 4 for a 2-week blood drive with participants eligible for free Hannah Montana concert tickets (right now the biggest show on earth).

The promotion cannot help but speak to young parents on multiple fronts—including duty to fellow man and to their own Disney Channel watching spawn.

Good for Miley Cyrus and her handlers and kudos to whomever at the Red Cross scored this coup. With Cyrus’ record and concert sales the hottest things going, her involvement with this promotion is sure to give both the American Red Cross and a national blood supply that is always lacking a tangible and much needed “shot in the arm.”