Kilpatrick and Parkman Not Doing Each Other Any Favors

In reviewing the increasingly tiresome and pathetic travails of still-Mayor Kilpatrick, one cannot help but notice that he and James Parkman III, Kilpatrick’s defense attorney, appear to be each other’s worst enemy, even nightmare.

Through their outlandish comments and behavior—from Parkman’s public contention that the possibly perjurous text messages were sent by individuals other than the mayor and his ex-chief of staff, to Kilpatrick’s more recent, alleged assault and racist rants towards Wayne County civil servants—they dig their shared “grave” ever deeper.

Who is advising these two—on how to act and what to say? Chances are good that a deadly combination of super-egos and grasping for straws is to blame and makes that point moot. Perhaps when you can’t explain away lies, the only resort, they feel, is to try more misdirection and untruths. Bad decision. Such tactics only erode any remaining credibility away to nothing.

Not telling the truth, as we all learned in nursery school, never works. Between them, attorneys Kilpatrick and Parkman have gone through another 36 years of education, collectively, since preschool, including earning degrees designating them to represent and uphold the law. Evidently, they both still have much to learn. If only they would do that on their own time and dime.