Kilpatrick Resignation Message Proves He Has Learned Nothing

I struggled with whether to write this blog. Is it opportunist? Too easy? Kicking someone when they are down?

When I first heard, while in a meeting, that the Mayor was stepping down, though relieved, I was also saddened that a man with so much promise (and someone I had rooted for in his early days) had fallen so far. Then I watched, over dinner, his farewell speech. At least outwardly, he seems to have learned nothing from this experience.

With a defiant tone and almost cocky demeanor, Kilpatrick ticked off a list of people he wanted to thank and acknowledge like he was accepting some sort of award. He appeared to almost enjoy the spotlight, despite his dim prospects for the future.

Several hours earlier, before the plea arrangement was reached, attorney Geoffrey Fieger, evidently a long-time friend of the Mayor, suggested on the radio that Kilpatrick should be showing more contrition and humility. Instead, during his final message, the former head of Detroit did just the opposite, even referring to himself and his mistakes as an almost detached third-party.

Kilpatrick ended by saying to Detroit: “You done set me up for a comeback.” Thankfully, at least for now and the good of this city and our region, he’s “done” and forced to “go away.”