MotorCity Casino Hotel Continues to 'Rev' Woodward Dream Cruise

I was quite pleased to read today that MotorCity Casino Hotel has become the official presenting sponsor of the Woodward Dream Cruise. It is actually something I, in my role as Executive Director, and my team, approached the casino to discuss over two years ago.

If people only knew the behind-the-scenes work, dedication and dollars MCCH puts into the Cruise (including Rhonda Cohen and Paul Lochirco), they would be astonished. They have remained dedicated to both underwriting and keeping it fun year after year after year. They deserve this and the thanks of everyone that enjoys the Cruise each year.

The “stepping up” of MotorCity Casino could not have come at a better time. Sponsorship dollars remain incredibly tight and, as you may have read in recent days, Cruise cities are not always in agreement as to how to operate the event in a mutually equitable and agreeable manner.

More power to Executive Director Tony Michaels, his team and those on the Board who remain selflessly dedicated to the greater good. We’re rootin’ for you. And, MCCH: You’ve really always been the presenting sponsor. Glad to see it’s official.