To What Degree Is Dave Bing's Education Important?

In the general scheme of things, is it really all that important what educational degrees Detroit mayoral candidate Dave Bing has or does not have? I would argue that what is more important to consider is the context of this week’s stories and debate.

The City of Detroit is coming off of one of the biggest political scandals ever, centered around issues of honesty and integrity. It is sorely in need of leadership that embraces transparency, telling the truth and doing what is right for the city’s constituents.

In recent weeks and months, this is the third time Dave Bing’s background, if not his character, has been called into question. First, it was the timing on his place of residency. Next, it was his voting record (or lack thereof) and now, questions regarding his previous public statements regarding his education.

The political arena is unforgiving and one lived publicly under a microscope. The popular businessman, basketball Hall of Famer and mayoral hopeful must understand, embrace and consider this, moving forward, in all that he does and says. To do otherwise and raise additional questions of uncertainty in the minds of the voting public will surely lead to Bing’s being unsuccessful at something for perhaps the first time in his storied lifetime.