Twitter Lawsuit Creates Buzz Online

I read somewhere recently that Twitter has more than 700,000 users per employee.  Maybe that’s why they can’t or won’t communicate with us about the hijacking of our company’s name on a Twitter account that was used in someone’s juvenile attempt to discredit us.  Or maybe Twitter has grown so much, so fast, that it just can’t keep up.  It’s probably a combination of things, but one thing is for sure – we haven’t gotten their attention over the past two months.  Simply put, we want where it belongs, controlled by our firm.  So we filed a lawsuit.

Detroit’s CBS-owned WWJ Radio, on the air and through its popular Great Lakes IT Report, ran stories this morning, prompting reaction, on-line, from around the country. You can read it here

As Don mentions in the story, this is, of course, about us getting our ID. But we are not asking for money.  Rather, we want to make sure that social media is held to standards, just as traditional media has been for hundreds of years.  

Right now, online communications are like “The Wild West.” It can be fun and exciting to blaze new trails.  But, sooner or later, civility must enter the picture or chaos will ensue.  We hope it’s sooner and we hope we are helping to lead the way.