Will Brett Remain a Fan Farvre-ite?

You can’t fault an athlete for wanting to un-retire—Lord knows precedents have been set countless times over the years. Yet, as future Hall-of-Famer Brett Favre settles in with his new team, only time will tell whether it will continue to be easy, wearin’ green.

Why? The way Favre went about his return. As much a symbol of the Green Bay Packers as Vince Lombardi, Favre had every right to reenter the league—he just should not have been so vocally presumptuous about being handed the starting job. “The fire still burns and I’m coming back,” Favre should have said, “And I intend to compete for the #1 QB position.” After all, isn’t that how it works for athletes anyway?

Instead, one of the most revered football players in NFL history, a man known for his grit and team spirit, came across instead as self-centered and self-interested, reportedly even considering a $20 million offer to stay home and out of uniform.

It is a shame and an episode that fans and admirers of this football legend hope will soon be forgotten (or at least accepted) once Brett Favre dons Jet green and takes a bite out of the Big Apple.