Chrysler’s Eminem Commercial Is Super

“You can do anything you put your mind to, man.”

Those are the final words uttered by Eminem in his epic 2002 multi-Grammy winning song “Lose Yourself.” It’s also a phrase that forms the very foundation for last night’s widely acclaimed Chrysler Super Bowl commercial.

Some of the criticism I have heard and read about the spot questions whether the 2-minute long glimpse at Detroit ‘polished and raw’ is going to sell product (in this case the new Chrysler 200). I would argue that those individuals are missing the point – this is more about reestablishing a brand than selling rubber and metal.

As I referenced in Bill Shea/Crain’s Detroit Business’ article earlier today, Chrysler took full advantage of the world’s largest TV stage to communicate, with style and acumen, that “we” are back. The “we” of course is the down and out automaker and our fair city. Chrysler, further and importantly, underscored its Detroit tradition and lineage.

Eminem’s music, meanwhile, appeals to a younger demographic vital to Chrysler’s future, while, it’s message, along with that of the Gospel Choir said, “We will persevere. We shall overcome.”

Well done, Chrysler. The messages in your mini-movie resonated – in particular amidst the usual fare of outrageous humor and CG-animation. America got it.  And, you might just sell a car or two along the way.