Forget the Silicon Chip—Think Vinyl Record

As traditional media content delivery systems (see our recent blogs on newspapers) continue to evolve into new mediums, one long thought to be extinct is actually making a bit of a comeback: vinyl records. Why the renewed appeal?

• Anti-establishment: In a world where iPods and MP3s rule, there are many that are eschewing Apple (and the “corporate” world that they now represent) for a format that is considered more “pure” and “alternative.”

• Sound: As anyone in the know, from sound engineers, producers, recording artists and audiophiles will tell you, vinyl records sound better than MP3s as they allow more dynamic range.

• “Street Cred”: Vinyl is cool again not only because it is different but because it is still utilized prominently by such hip/trend setters as Club DJs, rappers/samplers and the like.

Throw in a bit of nostalgia and the desire by some to possess 60s-90s music in their original format and you turn a one-time relic into RPMs for the mainstream. It’s good to have you back and appreciated once again, old friend.