iPod ePiphany

Anyone familiar with me and my background knows that I am a diehard traditionalist when it comes to radio and music. On the former, give me a well-programmed local radio station with fun, topical personalities and a music mix that is varied and creative over satellite any day. As to the latter, I’ve been known to long for the days when record albums were equal parts art, history lesson and musical offering.

Perhaps inspired by the coming of the new iPhone, I have discovered the wonders of the iPod. I have often said (check out my book or my web bio): “If only life were set to music.” And, so now it is—at the gym, on walks with my dogs, at the grocery store, while doing work at home. 500 of my favorite songs culled from my extensive CD collection (along with 10 downloads thus far) at my fingertips, anytime, anyplace.

Why has it taken me so long to get religion like the legions of iPod worshippers worldwide? Perhaps a reluctance to eschew the local record store that continues to struggle with this new e-commerce model. Possibly in defiance of the millions of illegal downloads that continue to curse the music industry and recording artists. Definitely as sympathetic to dwindling terrestrial music radio station audiences.

In retrospect, however, I had it all wrong. The iPod has made me, once again, an active music lover and consumer; both going back and downloading songs from my past (and paying for them) as well as listening to the radio more for new product with which to populate my archives—and I still buy that occasional CD and, even more occasionally, concert DVD.

My only problem NOW with my iPod? A need for more memory for more music!