Laying A Proper Foundation for Social Media

As Matt indicated in his blog last night, I also had the privilege of speaking at Automation Alley’s Accelerate 2011 Event. My session focused on new ways to utilize and think about social media, including laying a foundation for a successful strategy. A few highlights:

  • Your social media strategy should never be an island unto itself nor should it be created in a vacuum; rather, it should fit your overall communications strategy as well as your business objectives and be true to your company’s brand.
  • Developing a brand to communicate entails defining and effectively communicating a “value proposition” – that which makes your company or services different, unique, better.
  • When looking to reinforce your brand via e-communications, it is important to keep in mind that a brand is not just a name or a logo – its is your company’s DNA – including how you operate and treat your customers.
  • At its core and at its best, social media is people having conversations online but it is expecially important to “listen” – including through analytics – to what resonates most with your preferred audiences.
  • An integrated approach to social media (and don’t forget blogging!) can leverage each platform to its fullest potential; providing the best opportunities for your audience to get to know you and vice versa.

If you’re interested in more, look for the entire presentation, available on SlideShare courtesy of the Alley, in the coming days.