New Mayoral Advisor: How About George Costanza?

Remember the episode of the TV show Seinfeld when George Costanza tried doing the “opposite of everything” and all of a sudden, his loser life turned around?

That approach is the only hope for Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, who has tried, and failed, at every other media “strategy.”

The latest, only taking two questions at a press conference packed with reporters, is chronicled in this report from Detroit’s Fox-owned WJBK-TV. Now, the Mayor won’t even answer questions about a “city business” trip to Texas, even though it’s assumed taxpayers footed the bill.

It’s too easy to blame his advisors. He’s had some good ones, some bad ones and some expensive ones over the years. What do they all have in common? Their client.

Here’s a politician who has done everything wrong in PR – avoided the media, lied to the media, even blamed the media for the scandal that he created. I’m asked all the time about what I would recommend. How about “the opposite of everything?” Whatever his instinct, he should go the other way.