Radio Localism—NAB Should Follow FCC's Lead, Concern

If the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) truly cared about the future of terrestrial radio, they would support the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) inquiries into whether today’s stations truly operate in the interest of their local constituents.

What took the FCC so long? Consultants for radio chains and their national, miniscule playlists have been gradually destroying the industry for many years. All-important locality—from news to music artists to air personalities—is disappearing from the free airwaves. 70% of all Clear Channel programming is now voice-tracked; meaning content is pre-recorded, oftentimes outside the marketplace.

One long-time friend who works in major market radio is required by her station to pre-record her 4-hour show. Then, she is only paid for the 2-hours it takes to voice-track her program. That’s progress? That’s going to bring back millions of listeners who now go elsewhere for personality and diverse content, or, a generation of youth who have skipped radio altogether?

Once again, radio has its priorities all wrong. Please, FCC, please—save this industry from itself! As for the NAB, it is time they become engaged on the right side of this issue, before they no longer have members to collect dues from.