Red Wings Fans' Booing Sends Message; Kilpatrick Not Listening

Never mind an ethics class, can someone please convince the mayor and his communications staff here in Detroit to enroll in at least a remedial course in communications?

In response to the mass booing experienced by Kilpatrick during today’s Red Wings parade and celebration, his press secretary, James Canning released the following statement: “The Mayor’s been elected to office twice by the residents of Detroit, and based on the crowd’s reaction, I guess if he was running for Mayor of Joe Louis Arena he wouldn’t win.”

Though perhaps intended to be humorous and “off the cuff,” the statement instead contains an air of what the majority of the administration’s statements do: arrogance.

So, what would we advise at Tanner Friedman? Where do we begin? In this situation, rather than issuing a statement, how about a simple, brief concession by the mayor, which he could have given to reporters on the spot: “This crowd isn’t here to see me. They are here for the same reason I am: To celebrate their winning the Stanley Cup!” Honesty and humility. They might try it sometime.