U2's "No Line" Raises Bar On Packaging

Leave it to U2 to take the lead in offering music lovers a tangible reason not to merely download their new record, “No Line On The Horizon.” You can also leave it to Bono and his cohorts to go “over the top” in this regard as well.

As Kit Eaton writes in Fast Company: “…U2 is making an excellent case for old-fashioned physical, collectible music” with new box packaging that also includes a DVD, hardcover book, photographs and more. At the same time, some naysayers argue, the special edition set will set you back nearly $100.

Of course, the Irish quartet is not the first group to offer added incentives designed to motivate fans to visit the record store (you remember those, don’t you?). And, boxed sets have been around now for a couple of decades. Yet, you have to admire the style and beauty of the physical edition and a nod to a time when something tangible and in-hand was the norm—and a vital component of the overall music experience.