Carrie Underwood: A Model of Success

We’ve blogged quite a bit about reputation management, right and wrong. One young lady that continues to to do everything right is former “American Idol” alumn Carrie Underwood.

In advance of her appearance in the Phoenix area, the Arizona Republic takes at look at her success in a piece published today, with a few perspectives from yours truly. You can also read the story, now also posted on a Carrie fan site.

Whether or not you like her music or follow celebrities, it is hard not to admire how she conducts herself and her career—from marketing to product and performance. Much credit must obviously go to her management. They seem to work together seemlessly; making sure she stays true to her roots and “out there” while avoiding overexposure and drama.

Combine all of that with her great talent and genuine “girl next door” looks and appeal and you see the end result: record-breaking record sales, sold out concerts and overall, broad success. Her career has never looked brighter.