Super Bowl Ads Add Up to Incredible Viewership

While the monetary outlay by Super Bowl advertisers may still seem mind boggling to some, the ROI is improving with each successive year. Consider: This year’s contest between the Giants and Patriots could surpass more than $100 million viewers. Nothing, not even ratings behemoth “American Idol” (at 30 million viewers each week) comes even close. And, in an era where such mass media events are becoming ever rarer, and viewership ever more fractured, the $2.7 million cost of a 30 second spot has truly become a bargain.

In addition, recent advances in web technology now allow seamless streaming video; as such, Super Bowl ads can be run in their entireties on countless news and social web sites, including MSNBC where you can view them all over and over and over again. Not to mention the fact that the best of the best will be rated and discussed through the day tomorrow, both online and on the air, while also archived on the web to be “searched” out indefinitely.

Today’s multi-platformed media that we talk about often and subscribe to always at Tanner Friedman, truly makes Super Bowl advertising (when done right) a very worthwhile investment indeed.