Changing Media, Marketing Landscapes Necessitate Creative Adaptation

In recent days I have been struck by how two different entities are creatively and effectively adapting to their respective, evolving industries and individual scenarios.

Potentially crippled by the recent opening of new, multi-million dollar casinos across the water, along with a no smoking ban, Caesar’s in Windsor is working hard to set itself apart by bringing in a cadre of top entertainment talent; all aggressively promoted via a range of media, including huge, flashing outdoor video screens outside the venue (including those facing the Detroit riverfront) that scream: “Las Vegas” in words and pictures.

With Chris Rock and the Beach Boys already come and gone, additional compelling headliners such as Hall & Oates and Johnny Mathis are coming to town soon. Caesar’s is taking a well-advised page directly from the Soaring Eagle Resort & Casino playbook: Challenged by location? “Wow” them and they will come.

Just yesterday, while watching the Detroit Grand Prix on ABC-TV, I was equally impressed with a new means by which the network is addressing the likes of TIVO, DVR and the channel changer. When time for a commercial, a split screen was employed, with advertisements airing to the right while, to the left, video from the Grand Priz continued courtesy of sister ESPN.

Creative problem-solving borne, obviously, of an openness within each organization to new ideas and approaches and a need to evolve in order to remain viable for the long-haul.