Listeners Still Doin' The "Boot Scoot” For Country Music, Radio

The rumors of radio’s death are greatly exaggerated…might go the mantra from the industry after the release, in recent days, of a new study sponsored by the Country Music Association and Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc. and conducted by North Carolina-based media research firm Coleman Insights.

For the study, 5,000 P1 Country radio listeners (aged 12-64) were polled on their music consumption habits and feelings on the state of Country Music overall. Nearly 200 industry professionals were also polled in order to compare and contrast their perceptions with the consumers they serve.

Among the study’s findings:

  • Consumers perceive the overall state of Country Music more positively than professionals in the industry do
  • Radio is the medium through which consumers feel “most connected” to Country Music
  • Radio remains the top medium for discovering new music
  • New media usage (i.e. social media, smartphones, websites) continues to increase among all age demographics, demonstrating growth patterns consistent with those in other formats.

Thus, the study seems to confirm, the overall perception of Country Music by its core consumers remains extremely positive, while, the general health of Country radio is strong. And, while listeners are continuing to find new means of music consumption via emerging technologies, they are not undermining Country radio’s connection with its listeners. Indeed, as we have written about previously, radio is wise to embrace and utilize such technology for continued brand awareness and loyalty.