Until Networking Events Return, We Have LinkedIn

As many professionals transitioned from in-person business card exchanges to virtual networking over the last year, LinkedIn, perhaps more than any other social media platform, has allowed meaningful collaboration and relationship-building to continue from our remote work locations.

While the pandemic has certainly impacted our “where” and “when”, we still have our “why” – our purpose. And with your purpose in mind, are you (and your business) putting your best self out there?

To stay relevant and recognizable in your professional circle, we recommend routine updates to personal and company LinkedIn profiles. If you haven’t yet committed to the platform (just setting up an account doesn’t count), consider doing so now, as the pandemic’s impact is proof that virtual relationships provide benefits not possible in-person today.

While volunteering recently with the Detroit Economic Club’s 2021 Career Readiness Academy for high schoolers, I educated the students about the cohesion between a résumé and a well-managed LinkedIn profile. While a traditional résumé is often updated less frequently, LinkedIn is a “living/breathing” representation of who you are, what you stand for, and what professional services you passionately provide.

LinkedIn is where your professional story should unfold – where you highlight your company’s and your colleagues’ successes; where your award-winning presentations can be celebrated among peers in the field; where your expertise and thought-leadership can be shared with industry newcomers and mainstays, and where professionals around the world – or in the next town over – can find common ground.

In 2021, transitioning your profile provides meaningful insight to current and potential stakeholders, demonstrating how you and your brand have developed throughout the pandemic. Being aware of the latest LinkedIn developments, such as auto-generated topics for member contact, creates a stronger first impression for those on the other side of the screen.

We often counsel our clients on how they are using their social media platforms, including LinkedIn, and frequently perform audits of the content – and frequency – they’re sharing with their networks. We work with our clients to make sure their pages are not just incorporating platform-specific best practices, but also representing their values, skills and interests; giving their audience a polished first impression, and encouraging continued engagement.

If you need a refresher, or would like to get started, you’re not alone. Let’s connect on LinkedIn, Zoom, or hopefully soon, in-person.