Kilpatrick to Compuware Already Has Employees 'Up In Arms'

The media is abuzz this morning with reports that former mayor Kwame Kilpatrick will soon join Compuware-affiliate Covisint in Texas. Meanwhile, the papers are reporting Compuware plans to eliminate another 200 jobs.

What has been most interesting in early radio stories is the fact that Compuware employees evidently are most upset that the hiring violates the company’s core values that stress and require ethical behavior of all of its people.

This strong reaction once again underscores that, today, corporations must live what they say and practice what they preach. It is no longer enough to give someone a job; an employee, when initially attracted to a particular company, holds culture and values as important as pay and benefits. Further, they want to work day-to-day within the culture and environment they signed up for.

No matter how you look at it—whether from a brand image, corporate communications and/or employee morale standpoint—this is not one of Compuware’s finer moments.