A Most Memorable Campaign Tune

After casting my vote this afternoon and preparing to position myself in front of the television for election coverage and results, I spent a moment thinking back on this year’s campaigning and what I remember most vividly.

I can’t remember an election where I received so many phone calls with pre-recorded messages from candidates, exhorting me to get out and vote (for them, of course). And then, there was that song.

Everyone remembers Bill Clinton’s use of Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop” (thinking about tomorrow) for his 1992 campaign calling for change (sounds familiar). But who would have expected that a simple, homemade tune, sung by the pre-teen daughter of Oakland County Clerk candidate Ruth Johnson, would be among the most memorable campaign songs heard on the airwaves all year. If you haven’t heard it running all over the radio, you can give a look and a listen on YouTube and AOL.

Whether you love it or hate it; think it’s cute or grating, it is memorable—and, in building any brand or reputation, that’s half the battle.